Wisdom in surfing?

Is there wisdom in surfing? We believe it to be true and so does the guy who wrote this article. Surfing requires a baseline of physicality and health just to even participate.

Seth Broudy

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The Wisdom of Surfing

The physical act of surfing is far more strenuous than it looks, is fairly plain: you paddle to a wave, you stand up on said wave, and then you ride the wave. Rinse and repeat.

But the actual process of surfing involves more than that. Most sports require certain traits beyond pure athleticism. Football requires toughness and resilience, an ability to play on through the pain. Baseball requires concentration, knowing pitch counts and exactly where/how to swing to best affect the score.

I would say surfing requires mindfulness. Similar to the mindfulness that one cultivates through meditation or some forms of therapy. Presence. A constant awareness and connectedness with that which occurs Right Now. Below are some lessons and wisdom that surfing teaches and applies to many areas of life.

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