Why kids that learn to surf are more successful in life…

This is a well written article explaining how the ocean and SURFING can teach our kids to be POSITIVE, learn discipline, motivation and respect from the excitement and challenge of being able to ride a wave. Surfing a wave can be one of the most exhilarating and transformation experience one can have in life. To me, surfing is the most relaxing and exciting thing I have ever done and I’m happy to share with anybody who’s open to learning the art of surfing.

Seth Broudy

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Building Grit and Resistance in Kids, One Wave at a Time – Why kids that learn to surf are more successful in life…

We want our kids to have grit and resilience, to be willing to take responsible risks, and to persist in the face of challenging situations. These are the qualities that predict success and happiness in life far more than GPA. Learning to surf requires kids to draw on all of these skills, and they are rewarded with the thrill of riding a wave.

As an experienced surf coach this theory is true in the process of learning to surf for adult and kids alike. As a surf coach it is your goal to bring your student to their surfing potential in a safe, fun and supportive environment. You provide all the supporting feedback and encouragement required to bring the best out of your student, however when they are on the wave it is just the individual and the wave and you have to trust they will apply the methods, safety and technique described to successfully stand up and surf. The pride kids feel when they catch a great wave is intrinsic and does not require any validation from the outside.