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Seth Broudy School of Surf was featured this month in Tidewater Family Magazine.

Seth Broudy

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Surf’s Up!

Camden Hoover has been surfing since she was just four years old. Now at age 9, she doesn’t have any plans to quit. “When I catch a wave, it feels like I’m in a magical wonderland, and I just let it all go,” she said.

Here in Tidewater, kids like Camden are learning how to surf at unbelievably young ages. After all, we live in the perfect area for surfing. Head to any of our local beaches, and you’re sure to see some surfers trying to catch a good wave. It might look easy, but the sport is physically and mentally challenging, requiring a great deal of concentration. And who knew there are surf etiquette guidelines to follow?

Surfing dates back to the late 1700s when it became a fun activity for locals at Kealakekua Bay on the Kona coast of Hawaii. But anthropologists guess that the origin of the sport began way earlier—around 2000 B.C.—in Polynesian culture. As Polynesians migrated to Hawaii, they introduced the sport there. Over the years, the challenge of catching and riding waves spread, and it’s now popular all over the world.

Learning to surf through professional programs is a relatively new concept. Years ago, surfers were mainly self-taught. Today, and especially in our area, lots of local surf camps are teaching kids as young as six years old how to surf, have fun, and be safe while doing it.

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