Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are allowed to attend?

Surfers must be of at at least 6 years old. Camp is for both adults and kids who want to learn how to surf.

Do I need to have my own surfboard?

No, we provide all surfboards.  In fact, we encourage you NOT to bring your own board because our boards are great for learning and are also safe for beginners.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your own towel, some sunblock, a snack and most importantly a SMILE!

How much does camp cost?

4 days of camp costs $299. (**Aug 22-24 3 day camp cost is $225)

Where is the camp located?

899 Vanderbilt Ave (south Croatan beach) CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS

Do you know first aid?

Yes and there's lifeguards on the beach at all times.

Why should I choose your camp over another camp?

Because Seth Broudy loves sharing THE STOKE of riding waves with others!  Plus, his passion for teaching makes him VB's premier surf instructor.

Do I get a deal for purchasing for two or more surfers?

Yes! Each surfer will get a $25 discount off the weekly camp rate of $299.  This includes a "Goodie Bag"and camp t-shirt and lunch at the After Party.

What happens if it rains?

We still have camp.  However, if there's lightning or VERY BAD WEATHER we'll do a make up day. Usually, it'll be the Friday of camp week.  Cancellation will be made at the beach at 8am.

Do you provide snacks?

No.  We recommend you pack a lunch and drinks. Surfing tends to make the kids extra hungry from expending lots of energy.

How long is the camp?

Camp is from 8am-12pm (Monday-Thursday)

Is the water cold?

Some days the water is colder than others but if it is cold...we provide surfers with wet suits.

Are there any sharks out there?

Sharks do live in the ocean.  However, shark attacks in Virginia Beach are VERY RARE.

What time do the surfers need to be there?

Please arrive at 7:50am (10mins before camp officially starts)

Do parents need to stay with kids?

No.  In fact, sometimes it's easier for the kids to learn without having the extra pressure of their parents watching.  However, we do encourage parents to come watch after the kids have had a few hours of instruction to learn without the added extra pressure of wanting to impress their folks.

What time does the After Party start?

Party starts at 12:30pm following Thursdays camp where we'll show the surf video of surf camp.

Where's the party located?


Is transportation provide to the party?

No.  All campers must provide their own transportation.

Will video or pictures of surf camp be provided?

YES! Both video and pictures will be shot of each surf camp! Videos and pictures will be avaliable for DOWNLOAD ONLY. The video of each surf camp will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Pictures of each camp will be added to the website or our Seth Broudy School of Surf - Facebook Page Although, it's not guaranteed...we try our best to make sure each surfer is included in the video and pictures!