Featured in Tidewater Family Magazine

Seth Broudy School of Surf was featured this month in Tidewater Family Magazine. Seth Broudy Link to full article below Surf’s Up! Camden Hoover has been surfing since she was just four years old. Now at age 9, she doesn’t have any plans to quit. “When I catch a wave, it feels like I’m in … Continued

Wisdom in surfing?

Is there wisdom in surfing? We believe it to be true and so does the guy who wrote this article. Surfing requires a baseline of physicality and health just to even participate. Seth Broudy Link to full article below The Wisdom of Surfing The physical act of surfing is far more strenuous than it looks, … Continued

Why kids that learn to surf are more successful in life…

This is a well written article explaining how the ocean and SURFING can teach our kids to be POSITIVE, learn discipline, motivation and respect from the excitement and challenge of being able to ride a wave. Surfing a wave can be one of the most exhilarating and transformation experience one can have in life. To … Continued