Seth Broudy - Surfing Camp Instructor

Virginia Beach Surf Instructor Seth Broudy

Born and raised in Virginia Beach, Seth learned to surf at a very young age.  Not only has he surfed and competed with some of the best surfers in the world, notably he once defeated the eleven time World Champion - Kelly Slater in a surfing competition.

Virginia Beach Surf Instructor Seth Broudy

Although Seth's days of surfing competitively were cut short due to an injury, he'll always be a lifelong surfer who enjoys sharing his passion for surfing with others.  These days, he finds great joy in being a father and "paying it forward" for the next generation of surfers.

He involves himself with charity surf camps, such as Wounded Warriors, They Will Surf Again and Life Rolls On.  Seth donates his time while at the same time sharing his love and admiration for the ocean.

Loving father

In every sense, Seth Broudy truly embodies the idea of what it means to be a "Soul Surfer".  His kindred spirit and genuine desire to share "THE STOKE" of riding waves with others makes Seth Broudy VB's premier surf instructor.